4 Blogging Groups to Join On Facebook

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4 Blogging Facebook Groups To Join

Facebook groups for bloggers have become so large lately! It can be hard to find a good blogging group, that is fair fun, and that actually helps you grow your blog! I found my 4 favorite blogging groups, and I thought I would share them with you! Once you find a good blogging group, you must participate and follow the rules! So let me show you all my favorite groups! Most of these groups, you have a request to be accepted into, and sometimes that takes time, so be patient!


The Blogger Life –  Has to be my favorite (But, I might be biased, because I am the admin and the creator of this group.) This group is wonderful. The members of this group are wonderful! There are daily threads (Comment threads & Social Media threads.) There are open threads, so everyone is  allowed to ask questions, meet new bloggers or whatever you want! I would love for you all to join this group, so we can all get to know each other better! This group is something that I spend a lot of time on, and really love!

Blogging Facebook GroupsBlog Passion Project This group is wonderful! The admins are amazing, and are always there for the bloggers! They have a consistent schedule they follow, so you know exactly what to expect. Everyone truly follows through, and this is a great group to join and meet other bloggers. This group has around 500 members, so it is still small enough to truly get to know everyone!

I’m So Blogging This
 This group is just started out! They just started threads, and truly expects its members to  allow through on their own, without having to remind them! This blogging Facebook group has an open dialogue, which is nice because not make blogging grounds do that. The admin is laid back, and also enjoys getting to know everyone as well!


Instagram Marketing Mastermind This group is purely for Instagram and is very large. There are close to 10,000 members in this group. Honestly, I don’t post in this group a lot, I am more of a bystander, but I really do like this group. There are a lot of great tips and insights of how to grow your Instagram! I know people are always looking into ways to growing your Instagram, & if you are this group is a “must check out” group!



Blogging Groups On A Rise

Bloggers + Giveaways & Pin for Pin Also check out these two Facebook groups that are on a rise! A Pinterest group and a group to show off your giveaways and/or start a giveaway!


What facebook groups do you use for blogging? Do you have any to add?