All About Those Blogging Goals

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Well, It’s the beginning of the year, and we are all talking about what goals we want to achieve this year. I am HORRIBLE with goals. I set them, and then never follow up with them. But, for now on, I want to keep up with my goals, keep track of them. It could only help myself right? I went looking at my blog, and realized that I did this exact same post at the start of 2016, so I thought.. let’s take a look and see how I did:
Reach 20,000 Social Media Followers– Ugh so close actually, My ending number for social media following was 17,186 (that includes, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my small email list). This My end goal is 30,000 social media followers!

Reach 500 Blog Followers – FAIL. Umm. I don’t really even keep track of that anymore since switching to self-hosted WordPress.

Post Consistently: MAJOR FAIL. Did I mention the 6-month unplanned break I took from blogging? I took that break right after I wrote this post.

Monetize My Blog: Success, I actually received my first paid blog post at the end of the year. I have worked with companies & monetized my Instagram. But I wanted to be able to monetize my blog. I can say at the end of the year, I kicked it in high gear & it paid off!

Interact With My Followers: Sucess, I love to interaction with all my followers, especially on Instagram (Click Here to Find Me On Instagram!)

2017 Blogging Goals:


Post Weekly: I made this goal because I think it is achievable! I know if I say I want to post 2-3 times a week, I will fail. And why make a goal that you know you will fail at? I think this goal is an achievable goal for me! I am starting a new position in my job the beginning of February, and I know that will take up a lot of my time!

Reach 30,00 Social Media Followers- Now this goal is a stretch! That is almost doubling my following now! Combined with, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & my Email subscribers, I want to be at 30,000 people! That seems like a lot, but I know I can do it!

Grow my Email List- Yes, I know it kind of goes with the goal above, but I have never spent time growing my email subscriber list. This is something that would challenge me, but I know I would enjoy. My end of year goal is to get 100 Subscribers to my email! (Want to sign up now? Check the bottom of the post!) 


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Do you keep track of your social media following? If so, what is your target goal for the end of the year?