The Knight’s are Expecting!

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So it has been almost a year since I have been back in the blogging world, life got busy. It’s hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and 2018 will be here before we know it!

The Big News?

Justin & I are so excited to announce that we are expecting a little one come May 2018!  This has been a long time “in the making” and I hope to explain it a little more, and to bring awareness to Infertility that a lot of young women don’t talk about. I was one of those women, I did not talk about what we went through, while we were going through the process. Looking back, I am still glad that we didn’t tell everyone, trying to get pregnant is enough stress alone, without everyone else wondering, and asking what is the next step.

I am so grateful and blessed that we are having a baby. I know there are a lot of families out there waiting for their month to see those two lines, just know it will happen. The months can be long, and the weeks seem like they go on forever, just don’t give up! Find an infertility specialist that you love, and pray for all the right things to happen! 



It is hard to believe that I will be 13 weeks already tomorrow! Justin and I are so grateful to be having a healthy pregnancy, and can not wait to enjoy the holidays with our families!