Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy

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It is hard to believe that January is almost over! Where did the month go? Since I was pregnant bringing in the new year, I couldn’t really make any new year’s resolutions connected to my weight or health, since growing a human takes a lot of work. Even though I may be 22 weeks pregnant, my ultimate goal to have a healthy pregnancy for baby


Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy


Stay Hydrated:

Healthy Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I stopped drinking all pop which made me drink more water. So increasing my water intake was easier for me than I thought it would be. Of course, some days I do struggle to keep drinking enough water, but on the days I drink water, it is amazing how much better I feel!


Enjoy the Extra Sleep:

During the early stages of my pregnancy, I always felt bad for sleeping so much. Now that I am almost 23 weeks pregnant, I know I need my sleep, and do not feel bad for sleeping a little extra these weeks! I guess it is the one good thing about being married to a man on third shift.. getting the bed to myself!

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Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy

Take Notice of Your Weight:

Let’s be honest here… I am one to gain weight pretty easy, so gaining a lot of excess weight during my pregnancy always worried me a little. I knew I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy, but I also knew I did not want to gain excessive weight!

The Nokia Body+ Smart Scale is such an easy way to keep track of your weight! It has special modes for momma’s who are pregnant just like me! I know it will also keep track of the postpartum weight loss! Currently, I am weighing my self-weekly, or really whenever I feel up to it!

Also, the Nokia Body+ Smart Scale can track up to 8 different people, all from the free Health Mate app, which makes it even easier to see your weight loss progress! The sleek style of the Nokia Body+ Smart Scale, let’s me keep it out in the bathroom, and the batteries will last up to 18 months which is great because I know after having this baby changing my scales batteries is the last thing that will be on my mind!


Stay Active For A Healthy Pregnancy:

For me, this one was easy! We are going through a whole house remodel and doing a lot of the work ourselves, it was easy to stay active. I actually overdid it a couple days and had to remind myself that I growing a little baby, and that baby needs me to take it easy! But, I do believe that staying active, and not letting yourself to use the excuse of “I’m Pregnant” to get out of things, helps a lot! I think this is one of the main reasons my weight gain has been minimal, now I know the bigger I get, the harder it will be for me to stay active, but while I can be active, I am trying!

Tips To A Healthy Pregnancy


Don’t Stress Over Gaining Weight:


Trust me, I really miss wearing my non-maternity pants, but I know time will fly by, and before I know it our little one will be here, and be a year old! I am trying to enjoy it all, the weight gain and the heartburn since it was a struggle to get to this point!

Actually, let’s be real.. The only maternity pants I own are leggings… I bought 4 pairs, and wear them all the time! I really need to find some good maternity jeans soon!

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What are your tips for a healthy pregnancy?