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Tips for Loving A Law Enforcement Officer

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Take Time For Yourself

I think between the day to day things, we all forget to take a little time for yourself. We are either cleaning the house, changing uniforms, prepping dinner, or waiting for them to get off that over time shift they were supposed to be off an hour ago. It’s always something. As a law enforcement officer’s wife, it is so important to take some time for yourself. My favorite thing? A spa night! A little self-care is perfect for everyone!

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Don’t Listen To The Police Scanner

I think it is important to not focus on what they are doing while they are at work. I think listening to the police scanner, can cause some unnecessary fears and worries when we really don’t know the whole story. Of course, you might listen once in a while, and I think that is okay. But I think it’s very important not to listen to it all the time, let them do their thing, and try not to worry too much!


Take a Date at any time or day!

If you have been in love with a law enforcement officer for more than an hour, you know how important it is to take a date anytime you can get one. You don’t have to go out to take a date, I think couch dates are perfect once in a while! I mean, honestly, I love the days my husband gets to go to the grocery store with me, it makes me so happy. Running errands around town with him is also one of my favorite things to do! Just spending time together is so valuable!


Do your own thing

This can be hard to do. But get your own system down. It took me a while to get used to it, but I finally got a good weekend routine down, so I was not just sitting at home waiting for him to wake up. I would get my cleaning done, go visit family, work on some crafts. I was able to keep myself busy until my husband woke up, and it made me not hate third shift as much.


Find a Support System

Find people who understand your life. Meeting other police wives is so helpful in getting through your hard days. Many states have their own Facebook groups for police wives, and there are also a lot of national pages that bring wives together. It is important to know that you are not alone in those long nights, or when you are just having a rough day. Even if it is not another police wife, it could be someone whose husband works thirds too, they would fully understand how that can be hard! Not everyone understands what it is like to be with a police officer! 

Those are just a couple of my tips for loving a law enforcement officer, what are your tips?

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