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Rosie’s Room Reveal!

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We now have the perfect toddler girl’s bedroom! We have one room done, and it feels great! Rosie’s room is the perfect mixture of a baby’s room that is perfect for her now, but also something that she can grow into!

Initially, we were not going to remodel her room. We were going to keep the carpet. We then decided to do it all now, so it will be done! In Rosie’s room, we painted, new floor, all new woodwork & new doors!

We are running the same floor throughout the entire house on the main level and downstairs. So it was a simple decision for me to pull up the carpet and lay the floor!

Crib // Teepee // Flower Decal // Wooden Name // Laundry Basket // Curtain Rod // Curtains // poof // Fluffy Rug // Bow Holder
The brown bench is something that my Dad made, and I actually had in my room growing up.

The Perfect Toddler Bedroom

Creating the perfect toddler bedroom is different for everyone. We wanted something simple. I didn’t want toys everywhere, but she is also lucky to have two closets in her room, so the toys she does have can stay in her closet.

Finally, the only thing we have left in here is to get rid of the 80’s intercom system & to find a rug!

We as in (my dad and husband and myself) did everything in Rosie’s from laying the floor, to installing the doors! We are lucky to have family help with all of our home renovations!

How does time go by fast? How are we giving this girl a toddler bedroom, I feel like she was just born yesterday- take a look at her newborn photos!