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DIY Duty Gear Rack

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This DIY duty gear rack is so easy to make and perfect for everyone! Having a place for my husband to put all his duty gear is one of the best things ever. If not, you know you will find a belt keeper here, the vest over there, the belt over the chair, and things everywhere.

When moving into our new house, I knew I wanted a place for Justin to keep everything in one place. We had these built-in shelves, and for the longest time I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them. Then one day it hit me, it was a perfect spot for a duty gear rack!

Please check with your duty gear recommendations of storing your vest, some can not be stored hanging up.

DIY Duty Gear Rack Instructions

DIY Duty Gear Rack -

Honestly, the easiest thing is to do an online order, and pick it up when it’s ready! Then its all together, and you don’t have to rummage through all the items at the store! We got everything at Home Depot, and it was great.

Here is the list of what you need:

1. One of these (pack of 2) (Quantity:1)
2. 4 inch Arms (Quantity:2)
3. Elbow (Quantity: 1)
4. 2 Inch Arm (or Smaller) (Quantity:1)
5. End Caps (Quantity:3)
6.One of the Tee’s (Quantity:1)
7. 8 Inch Arms (Quantity: 2)

Once you have everything, you just screw everything together, it’s easiest if you have a wrench to make sure it’s nice and tight. I used Mineral Spirits to clean the grease off the pipes.

Other tips for your Rack

– We placed a board where the rack was going to hang, and screwed the board to the studs, so we knew it was going to be secure. Then you can place the hangers anywhere you want, and not have to work about not getting in a stud.
– Change dimensions of the pipe to fit your needs.
– We used 3-inch screws, and I spray painted the heads black so they would match!
– Make sure all your pipe is the same width, I used 1/2″ for everything.

I have a lot of people ask where my husband hangs his uniform and keeps all the extra stuff. We have a basket that he can throw his random things in. His uniform hangs in our rooms upstairs. He keeps the charger for his radio and flashlight under his vest and belt as well. It’s nice to keep all the cords put away.

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