American Girl Doll- The Gift of Memories

American Girl Doll

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Finding the right gift can be hard, but with American Girl Doll, the search is over!
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I remember growing up, my American Girl Doll was Molly & my sister had Samantha. Molly was my Doll, I had her entire bedroom set and so many outfits. I am so excited to bring all the memories from my childhood, and bring them out for Rosie! It’s truly amazing, how one doll can have so many memories. I remember all my cousins having dolls, we would have 10+ dolls lined up when we played!

This year we decided to get to Rosie an American Girl Doll, and I am so excited to see her play with this doll, and learn new responsibilities with her doll!

American Girl Doll Makes the best gifts!

Customize your American Girl Doll

The American Girl Doll website is amazing! You can even customize a doll to look like your little one! So much has changed with the dolls since I was a kid, but yet they are the same!

Right now, you can get free shipping when you spend $135! Check out all the dolls here. It is amazing how you can customize them, between glasses, hearing aids, hair color, and even skin color. You can make a doll look just like your little one! Rosie’s doll even has her ears pierced, just like her! I know she will notice the earrings right away!

Customize your American Girl Doll

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You can check out our Holiday home decor here.
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