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Protect Your Privacy On The Internet

Protecting your Information

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Protecting your Privacy and personal information on the internet just got way easier! I introduce you to Officer Privacy. They take all the worry away when it comes to your personal information being all over the internet!

The Internet Stole Your Privacy.
It’s Time To Take It Back.

Protecting Your Privacy Online

Whether you are a police Family, Influencer, or someone who just wants to protect your information online; this is the thing for you! I get asked all the time how we protect our privacy on the internet & for the longest time I didn’t have a great answer UNTIL I was introduced to Officer Privacy!

There are a couple of things that I love about Officer Privacy. The first- You call and you can talk to a REAL person. Pete is the owner and a prior Law Enforcement Officer. He knows all about the security issues police families face daily! Secondly, all employees are current or retired law enforcement officers. I love being able to keep business within the blue line family!

For police families, you can think of Officer Privacy a little bit like insurance. If the worst happens and your officer is involved in a shooting or a call picked up by the news- it will be too late to get your officer’s name off the internet. You will be relieved if something happens, and you know you and your spouse’s information is securely taken off the internet already. During this time, it is important to be proactive and not reactive.

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After signing up, you will receive a list of all the places on the internet that your name appears on. Let me tell you our information is everywhere! Officer Privacy takes your information off from the top 30 people-search sites. Once you sign up you’ll get a list and they show you where your information was & then another list once they remove it!

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Protecting Your Privacy Online

Start Protecting Your Privacy NOW! 14-Day FREE TRIAL
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