Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites- March

Weekly Favorites

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I am so excited to start sharing weekly, my favorite items! Weekly Favorites gives me a chance to share my favorite items, either new or old! Each Friday I will add 5 new products to the post! Each month will have a new post!

Kara Knight's Friday Favorites!

These Erase Your Face towels have been my go too when taking my makeup off! Throw them in the wash & they are as good as new! I have has my set for over a year, and they are as good as new! Throw them in the washer with my towels, and they come out clean!

Since I shared Erase Your Face towels, I figured I should go ahead and share what I use with it, this Micellar Water is the best at helping to get my makeup off, especially my mascara without having to scrub too hard!

Going with the beauty trend- You all know that I LOVE this mascara. Hard to believe it’s Under $5! This Essence Mascara is my go-to everyday mascara!

For my last favorite item of the week, I have decided to stick with beauty items, and wanted to share my favorite BB Cream! This BB cream has fair coverage, but just enough that I can throw some on my face and it covers all the little blemishes, and it has SPF, so perfect in the summer! I have color 120!

Nothing better to go with my favorite mascara– than my favorite mascara primer! This stuff reminds me exactly of the Lancome Lash Primer, but at 1/4 of the price!

I hope you enjoyed the first of many Weekly Favorites! Can’t wait to share more!

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