Immaculate Pizza Roll Ups

Every Christmas our family will do appetizers instead of one large meal on Christmas Eve. This year I was determined to make something that we normally do not make. My husband is a pizza lover, but also a very picky eater, so I thought of something that would be perfect for him! Crescent Roll Pizza Roll-Ups, baked with Organic Immaculate Baking Company, crescent rolls!



Crescent Roll Pizza Roll-Ups


Why are the crescent pizza roll-ups the perfect appetizer?

These took less than 10 minutes to prepare, and were so simple to make! There are just a couple steps to making these Immaculate Pizza Roll-Ups! Just follow these easy couple steps, and in less than 30 minutes you will be enjoying these yummy pizza roll-ups!



1. Start with your organic Immaculate Baking Company Crescent Rolls. 

2. Preheat your oven to 375 & roll crescent rolls out and place them on a greased cookie sheet.

3. Place your cheese, pepperoni, and your other topping at the widest part of your crescent roll.

This is where you get to customize it for all your loved ones, make it spicy by adding some peppers, or spicy sausage, or keep it simple with just cheese and pepperoni.

4. Start rolling them up! *Note I did not put any pizza sauce in these, we just dipped them in, kept it a lot cleaner!

5. Put them in the oven for 13-15 minutes.

6. Thake them out and enjoy with your family!



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How To Be The Best Holiday Host

It is the Holiday Season… Well, I actually I feel like Christmas is tomorrow!  I just love everything about Christmas, putting up the decorations, eating, watching Christmas movies, even the smell of Christmas!  But the thing I love the most? Spending time with family! 
Now, We do all know too much family time can be bad. You get on each other’s nerves, you need your own space. The list goes on and on. But, if you are going to have people over follow these simple tips, and they will all want to come back next year! 


Tips To Be The Hostess With The Mostess During The Holidays


Always Have The WiFi Password AccessibleHow To Be The Best Hostes

We can’t live without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram these days, so make your guests stay a little easier, have your wifi Password in a frame in the guest room, or on the kitchen fridge for all to see. That way, they don’t have to ask for it, or go sneaking to find it. Because finding someone playing hide and go seek with your modem could be a little
awkward to find!

Give Them Time

And by that, that I mean time to their selves. Give them ideas to do around the town or some good sights to see! Of course, they came to see you, but I am sure like would like to get out of the house & do some fun things!

Let Them Sleep

Most guest travel hours to come see you. Different time zones, different house different bed. They probably won’t sleep the best. So it is best to let them sleep as long as they can.

Finding Great Deals At The Dollar General Have Snacks And Plenty Of Them

If your family is anything like my family, we snack all the time! So, you’re going to want to make sure that you have plenty of food. The best thing is, The Dollar General is here to help! With their great deals coupons, you’ll want to stop on over to  The Dollar General and pick up some of your favorite food & of course some Nestle brand products. They have some great prices and you don’t have to search too hard to find some coupons to add on to those great prices!

At The Dollar General, you can find some any quick snacks your guest will love! If your eating dinner and having Digiorno® Rising Crust® Pizza, or Your Making NESTLÉ® Hot Cocoa Mix, The Dollar General is your place to head to prepare! But, don’t forget about DG Digital Coupon (Why not save even more money.)


Enjoy Your Time Together

Most importantly, enjoy your time together with your family! Just remember how blessed you are to be able to spend time with your amazing family during the Holidays!


I hope you all have a great Holiday! Are you heading to a family member’s house this year, or are you being the hostess?




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Don’t Feel Guilty About A Blogging Break

dont feel guilty taking a blogging breakDo you know when bloggers just drop off the edge of the world for a couple months?
No posting, no nothing. Well, yep- that’s me! There are so many reasons why bloggers take breaks, and most of the time I think they feel guilty when they do take a break from their blog. I did until I thought about why I took a break. Bloggers are real people with real problems. Their lives are not always sunshine and rainbows, and I think that is a very important thing to remember!


3 Reasons- Why you should not feel guilty taking a blogging breakTHREE REASONS TO TAKE A BEAK


It is your Blog: You own it. You run it. You make it what it is. It will still be there when you come back from your break, I promise. Your readers will know if you’re  just blogging to put a post up for the week. Now that is a fast way to lose some followers. Maybe instead of posting three times a week, you post once a week until you feel it again. Take a step back and think about why you aren’t enjoying your blogging time. For me, it was getting stressful, I felt like there were so many other things that I should have been doing. So I did those, and well my blog fell off the top list.


It will only get better So you take a couple weeks or months off, your mind will be at ease. I know I have more ideas about blog posts than I have had in such a long time! I am changing my header, starting to have a new idea of blogging. I have more passion for blogging than I have had in a long time! I want to write blog posts, I want to put myself out there in the blogging world again! Taking time off can do good for your blogging soul. I am so glad that I let myself take a break from blogging instead of forcing out posts that would not have been worthy to read.


Life Happens  Remember what I said before? Bloggers are real people & shit happens. We get busy with children, work, family, housekeeping and everything else! We all put so much time in our blogs, we have to make sure that we don’t spend too much time on our blog and social media! Or life will forget about us, and time will go by too fast. Summers get busy for everyone & it is good to take a step back and re-evaluate your blog.

Looking back I am okay with taking a blogging break. No, this break was not planned at all, but I am happy I did what was best for me at that time.

Have you ever taken a blogging break? How did you bounce back from your break?

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When Life Gets In The Way

What do you do when life gets in the way?

life quotes

So my goals for April have gone a little haywire. You know why? Life got in the way!


When Life Gets In The Way…

So, at the beginning of the month, I thought about all the goals I wanted to achieve this month. Cleaning, bringing up my blogging stats & so much more! But life got in the way. Justin had a three day weekend (so I slacked off on my house duties to spend time with him), I had to work all weekend. We decided to start some major yard work. I think it is okay when life gets in the way. Trust me, I am a huge fan of schedules, and I like to know when things will be done. But to be honest, I was nice walking away from life quotes 1the blog for a week. Sometimes we just need breaks to focus on yourself.

Why It Is Okay To Take A Break


I think we all have to remember to take breaks, to take a step back in life, and relax. We all go a hundred miles an hour all the time, and it is okay to slow down! It is okay for the house to be messy for a couple hours, or the grass to be a little long. It is okay to stay in yoga pants all Sunday, or not to wear makeup. It is so important to take time for yourself and relax.


I think we are always comparing ourselves to others and we put too much pressure on ourselves! Take a step back, enjoy time by yourself, enjoy time with your significant other or like me, enjoy time with your pups!.

What did you do this weekend to take a break from life?


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