Police Family Gift Guide – For the Kids

Here is it! A collection of gifts for the Police Family, so you don’t have to go far! First, it’s for the kids! Being a police family is something that we are all so proud of, so start shopping! So let’s get to it, Police Family Gift Guide – For the Kids.

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My Dad Is my Hero Shirt – (Actually, you should just check out the entire shop, tons of great shirts for kids! Cuff Life Boutique.)
– The Book A Hero Lives In My Family. We have this book for Ro-sie, and absolutely love it!
Police Pop Up Tent, this would be perfect for any toy room! Here is another great option as well.
– What little kid wouldn’t want a cruiser just like their mom or dad drives? Here is a remote control cruiser!
Police Bike Helmet
Battery Operated Car, and for the girls, there is a pink one!
– Have a K-9 in the family? This might be the perfect PJs! These would be great for any police family!
– Make bedtime a little easier with these stuffed animals, here is a police bear & here is a German Shepherd! (Rosie has the German Shepard stuffed animal, and loves it!
Being a Police family can be hard. But hard

There you have it! A Police Family Gift Guide – For the Kids for all the police-related items! Remember it doesn’t matter what day or time you celebrate Christmas. As long as you celebrate it as a family, that’s all that matters.

Have something to add to the Police Gift Guide For the Kids? Comment below, so others can see!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season, and your LEO doesn’t work too much overtime!
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Tips for Loving A Law Enforcement Officer


Take Time For Yourself

I think between the day to day things, we all forget to take a little time for yourself. We are either cleaning the house, changing uniforms, prepping dinner, or waiting for them to get off that over time shift they were supposed to be off an hour ago. It’s always something. As a law enforcement officer’s wife, it is so important to take some time for yourself. My favorite thing? A spa night! A little self-care is perfect for everyone!

Right now two of my favorite self-care items are  Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask & Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips.

These things are amazing! The face masks, are perfect for those late nights, waiting for your officer to get home. Infused with natural charcoal, draws out pore-clogging dirt, oil, and impurities. The self-heating one minute mask rinses cool for oh-so-smooth skin and works in one hot minute!

Now, these Charcoal Pore Strips are perfect for a night of pampering, or just a weekly use! Not all pore strips are created equal! Only Biore Pore Strips are the trusted, and dermatologist-tested way to purify pores. These innovative strips work like a magnet, lifting out deep-down grime, oil, and blackheads from even your most clogged pores. I even got my husband to try them with me one night! It is amazing what these Charcoal Pore Strips can pull out! When they are used on a regular basis, they actually diminish the appearance of pores.

Are you into face masks? Check out Holly’s Housewife Life on Instagram on Friday, for Facemask Friday!! S



he is one of my favorite beauty bloggers!





Don’t Listen To The Police Scanner

I think it is important to not focus on what they are doing while they are at work. I think listening to the police scanner, can cause some unnecessary fears and worries when we really don’t know the whole story. Of course, you might listen once in a while, and I think that is okay. But I think it’s very important not to listen to it all the time, let them do their thing, and try not to worry too much!


Take a Date at any time or day!

If you have been in love with a law enforcement officer for more than an hour, you know how important it is to take a date anytime you can get one. You don’t have to go out to take a date, I think couch dates are perfect once in a while! I mean, honestly, I love the days my husband gets to go to the grocery store with me, it makes me so happy. Running errands around town with him is also one of my favorite things to do! Just spending time together is so valuable!


Do your own thing

This can be hard to do. But get your own system down. It took me a while to get used to it, but I finally got a good weekend routine down, so I was not just sitting at home waiting for him to wake up. I would get my cleaning done, go visit family, work on some crafts. I was able to keep myself busy until my husband woke up, and it made me not hate third shift as much.


Find a Support System

Find people who understand your life. Meeting other police wives is so helpful in getting through your hard days. Many states have their own Facebook groups for police wives, and there are also a lot of national pages that bring wives together. It is important to know that you are not alone in those long nights, or when you are just having a rough day. Even if it is not another police wife, it could be someone whose husband works thirds too, they would fully understand how that can be hard! Not everyone understands what it is like to be with a police officer! 

Those are just a couple of my tips for loving a law enforcement officer, what are your tips?

Check out some of my other police-related posts.

I am a Police Wife – 7 Ways You Know You Love A Police Officer  – A police Officer’s Life

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I am A Police Wife

I am a police wife.




That is not a simple statement. If you never been to my blog before you can read here, here, and here. I have written about this topic a lot, because liked I said; I am a police wife is not a simple statement. 


If you have seen the news, been on facebook, or really talked to anyone I am sure that you’ve heard about the two shootings that occurred in the past couple days. Let’s just say that I am shocked about the things people say. Every police officer spends countless amount of months in the academy, many hours in extra classes and there is that support thin blue linechance every day that they could make a mistake in that decision they make in a split second. But, I am sure you never made a mistake in your job right?


Now I preference this writing with, there are good cops and there are bad cops. There are over 1.1 million police officers in the United States, so we all know there will be some bad cops in that group. But that does not mean all cops are bad cops. To the people who jump to conclusions about all cops are bad, or racist. Have you ever really thought about those words you say? Do you know who these cops are? They are husbands, fathers, sons, wives, mothers, parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. They are real people. They are not out there to ruin your life. Those men and women are sworn in to protect the law, even if that means sacrificing their lives for you.


Fifty-Three men and women have died protecting you this year. Fifty-Three. Where are all those wives and husbands who lost their loved ones on facebook, ranting and yelling? How come when a police officer dies, that doesn’t make the top news? Well, I think it should. But no, those loved ones lay their officer down to rest, knowing they will never get another conversation with them again. Did you know 21 police officers died of gunfire? That means 21 people killed 21 police officers. How the hell does that not make the news? That doesn’t make sense.


I guess, that I am so upset that we all jump to conclusions. NONE of us know what happened in those videos. You have no right blasting police officers on social media or anything for that matter. Every story you read is one sided. Every single one. No one talks about how you didn’t do something right at your job? I don’t think either of those officers went into work today and said: “I hope I have to pull my gun today.” Actually, that is probably a cops worst nightmare is having to pull their gun.

If you are standing with a person and they threaten you, what are you going to do? Stand there, and maybe let them kill you? But, what if they didn’t have a gun and they were just saying they did. You can see how things get very grey very quickly. You know, if you never break the law most likely you will never have to deal with a cop ever? Maybe we should all focus on behaving instead of going against cops. Don’t like cops? Well then, don’t break the law. Don’t hang out with people who break the law. It could be as simple as that.


My husband is a police officer. I am a police wife. He is not racist. He does not judge. He has a kind soul, and would do anything for anyone. He works hard. He writes you a ticket if your speeding. He stops that drunk driver, that might have killed you on the road. He deals with the people you don’t want to deal with in the public. He deals with your problems. He stays awake at night so you can sleep. He is protecting you and your family. He is my family. He is the love of my life. He is a police officer. 


I am a police wife.

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The Alternative Wedding Bands

Alternative wedding band police ring
I received these products in return for my opinions. All thoughts are my own.

So you all know my husband Justin is a Sheriff Deputy, if not, you can read about it here, here, and here. Police officers have a different view on wedding rings. The alternative wedding bands are becoming very popular.

There are certain occupations where traditional wedding rings don’t always work. A police officer, firefighter, paramedics, doctor, nurse, contractors & so many more other occupations where tradition wedding rings just don’t work. So that is where the Fit Ring comes in!

Fit Ring is perfect for any male or female who wants to show their love to their significate other without being flashy, or wearing a traditional wedding band. For police officers, there are so many views from each side. Some police wives say that they don’t want their husband wearing a ring at all while on duty. They don’t anyone on the outside to know that they have a family. It sounds odd, I know. But trust me, being a police wife myself that sounds completely normal. Others don’t wear a traditional for the safety reasons. If for some reason they were injured you can’t easily cut it off. A traditional wedding band can get stuck and cause injury. The Fit Ring is safe, simple, convenient and very inexpensive.


Fit Ring Alternative Wedding Band

One tAlternative Wedding Bands police officerhe best things about Fit Ring is their commitment to first responders. The Arthletic Family has chosen to support our troops and law enforcement by donating a percentage of the proceeds from all thing blue line Fit Ring purchases to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. This in itself makes me love this brand!

Alternative Wedding Bands Are Not Only For Men

If you know me at all, I love my wedding
rings! More like obsessed with them! But I am always nervous to get it dirty, or ruin it somehow. Fit Ring is perfect for females as well! When working outside, or doing my DIY projects I always worry aboutThe alternative wedding bands for women getting my ring dirty. But, now I just switch rings and all my worries are gone!  They come in so many different colors and size, I know you can find one that is perfect for you or your significant other!











alternative wedding band uniform

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Goodbye Second Shift Blues

If you don’t know how much I hate Justin working second shift you can read here and  here.  Long story short, second shift sucked!

But, now Justin is on third shift! Which means he will work from 11 pm to 7 am. That means we will get to see each other every night! We have not seen each other for more than two nights a week since we got married ( and a year before that)! How crazy is that, actually we averaged seeing each other around 12 hours every week! Yes sad I know, but now it has completely changed!  We will eat dinner every night together! How amazing is that! I don’t think I have ever gotten to spend every night with Justin since we started dating! It is almost like I am not married to a police officer anymore! Kind of amazing! 
He has been with the sheriff department for almost two years! We have been waiting for him to get off second shift! And it happened! I couldn’t be more excited! 

Of course there are always a downside to life. This downside is, we don’t get to go to bed together.. except for two nights a week. Justin will get ready for work at 9 pm, and I’ll be getting ready to wind down for the night. It will be really different for a while, but that’s something little that we can get used to. ( I mean I am used to going to bed by myself, but not being by myself all night long.)

If you know me at all, I am not a quite person.. at all. And Justin will be sleeping during the days, so on the weekends, I will have to be extremely quiet! So, we will see how that goes! I need to find a quiet hobby to do! I think this will be the hardest thing to adjust to.

But, I can get over the downside, because I actually get to see my husband. We get to be real husband and wife! I am so excited!

Do you and your significant other work different shifts?

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7 Ways You Know You Love A Police officer

I Am A Police Wife

1. The Vest – That vest that stinks no matter how much febreeze you spray on it, or whatever you do. It takes up too much room in your closet, but when he’s working and wearing the vest, you wish it was back in its spot. The sound of them taking it off, and that velcro is the best sound that anyone can hear. It means that they are home safe.

2. You can never Schedule more than a week out in life – Planning holiday’s or really anything for that matter is never easy. You think they are getting off at a certain time, and its three hours later, and then they are exhausted when they get off. Their schedules are so difficult! But, you learn to work with it. You learn to hate to so much that you love it.

3. Working late nights and longs shifts – Hence the above statement, (you can’t schedule anything), but they put in so many hours. As soon as their shift is over, you wait by the phone. If minutes past and they don’t call you worry & call them praying that they are just stuck late with paperwork. You get happy when they get that single second to send you a text to tell you they love you. Any communication while they are on duty is rare but so amazing.

4. Being so proud when you see them in uniform Weather they have been in uniform once or ten thousand times. Nothing changes, you are so proud and want to show them off to the world. I love when I am able to see my officer in uniform. It makes me the proudest wife.

I Am A Police Wife (1)

5. The amount of white tee’s or undershirts that you have to wash The amount of white tee’s I have to wash is crazy! And washing the uniform, switching over the uniforms, all the buttons, everything! It takes time, and I feel like we are switching uniforms over all the time. But, then once again I would not trade it for anything!

6. Finding bullets in the washing machine I thought this was something wives just said, but no.. it happens. I was shocked when I was changing the laundry and there was a bullet in our washing machine. I thought yep, its official, I live with a police officer.

7. LOVING YOUR HERO Loving your police officer is the greatest thing in life. They go to work every day, putting their life on the line. But you support them, you support the hard lifestyle that you both agreed to. You love it & wouldn’t change it for the world.

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Get Money Back From Christmas Shopping

First, I love online shopping (But, only if you have free shipping). Second, I love Ebates! Making money off purchases I would have to buy anyway, just make shopping a little better! We have all seen the commercials.. they say they make hundreds.. Well I am going to be honey with you all.. I have made 60 dollars this Christmas Season. I did about 95%  of my shopping online this weekend, and now in February I will get a “Big Fat Check” for around 60 dollars. I mean how easy can it get?
christmas shopping information
Right now, Ebates is offering double cash back! Which makes this deal even better! You guys have to try this if you have not. I mean why not get cash back on purchases you are going to make anyways? I ordered our wedding book through Mixbook and received 19% cash back! Just by using Ebates.. I does not get any easier than that!  So go sign up for Ebates and finish your Christmas Shopping! 
Do you do your Christmas Shopping online? Have you ever used Ebates?

Below is an awesome giveaway for you that live in Ohio! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Engagment Pictures Part I






Here are our engagement pictures with Justin in Uniform!!
Love them all!!
I Stand beind the man that stands on the Thin Blue Line



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