My New Bathroom!!

Today is the day!! I get to show you all my new house! But you only get to see two rooms today!! I have to keep you all coming back! But today I am going to show you my bathrooms!!

The “ugly” master bathroom
The shower that Justin couldn’t even stand in, because he was to tall! 

The men (Justin & my father) taking down the walls! 
The wall is down!! 

All cleaned up and ready for the new things..
Are you guys ready to see?
Ive been waiting to show you all for a while now.. This is what my master bathroom looks like now!!! 

I must say I absolutely LOVE my granite tops, and the colors of everything!! I don’t think I would change anything about my bathroom! I love everything about it!! 
What do you all thing? Do you think its a good change? 
Don’t worry, You’ll get to see the rest of the house very soon!!  
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Yes, I moved into a
house, but our roommates come with us (we have lived with our roommates for almost
a year now before we moved into the house)
If my roommates ever
saw this post.. I would be in trouble!
I am writing this
post.. Just to get things off my mind, because currently they annoy me to no
They don’t clean.. at
all!! I sweep my house every single day! I am a very clean person! And they
just sit there…..
And they kiss all the
time! I know that sounds weird but they do!! I am sitting in my living room,
and they are in their room, and I keep hearing them kiss.. You know how awkward
that is?
Or we will be in the
car, and I’ll be driving, and they will be in the back seat and they will
kiss.. and I can hear it! And it is gross! I hate it with a passion!
I clean, I sweep, I
take out the trash, I bring in the trash.. I do it so Justin doesn’t he works
almost 60 hours a week, and I want him to be able to rest when he is home, I
feel like he has the right to rest.. But by be spoiling justin, I spoil my roommates
and it just kills me inside!
Okay, Im done with my
rant I promise!
Hopefully things get
better with the roommates!
Hope you all have a
great Wednesday!
Can you believe this
is my second post in two days? I am so proud of myself!!

Don’t for get to follow me thought bloglovin too!! 

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Ring, Rings & Rings…

So, we are moved into our house.. and I promise I am working on post so
you all can see it! I think I am going to post a different room each day, so I
can talk about each room now!
But … for now I want to talk about rings!
Yes, I want a ring! I know it won’t be for a little while, and I am
okay with it! We need to save money, and get things together!
But when it comes to looking at rings, Justin and I are on two
different pages!
I want to go look at rings together! I think we could make a fun day
together looking at engagement rings! Doesn’t every girl have dreams about
looking at rings with the man of their dreams? Well I know I do.
But, Justin on the other hand, wants to do it all by himself! First I hate
surprises! I want to know what kind of ring I am getting, when it is happening,
and how! But I know that’s not want Justin wants!
I just want to look at rings.. That’s it! I thought it was a simple
request! But not to Justin!
But I really can’t want to get a ring! It will start a whole new
chapter, and a lot of planning!
But I want to know everyone, what do you think? Would you want to help
pick out your ring.. or did you? Or would you want nothing to do with it? Let me
know what you think… and maybe it will help me out!
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It only goes up from here!

So.. once again I have been a little MIA lately.. and I wanted to apologize! 
Life just gets CRAZY! 
So we are all moved in.. and the post of the before & after for my house will be coming soon!! 
Friday Letters:
Dear House: Thank you for being amazing! I love you more than anything, and I love calling a place a “home” there are still some things to do, but they will get done over time! 
Dear Cats: Thanks for being so cute! And thanks for adjusting to the house so well!! Sorry Abagail for locking you out of the house the other day!! I felt so bad! Somehow she got outside for 3 hours! Poor baby was so scared when we found her!! 
Dear Family:  Thanks for the the help you have given me!! And I am so glad that now I can have you all over on the weekends! I know we will have a great weekend this weekend!! 
Dear Job: I love you! Designing is so much fun! I could not think of a better job for me at the moment!! 
Dear Mr. Boyfriend: You rock! Thanks for mowing the grass today! That was so helpful!! Your just the best!! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
Look for my house post coming up soon!! 
Can’t wait for you all to see my house!! 
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Me rambling…

So my life has been crazy!! 
With work and this house, I hardly have time to pack! We should be moving next week, and nothing is packed! I mean NOTHING. 
Which kind of adds to the stress. Our apartment is a mess because I don’t have time to clean it, because any free time I have I am at the new house! Which I do enjoy, but I am so ready to be moved in! And live in a house that I LOVE and not an apartment that I hate! 
Yes, for those of you that don’t know, my roommates that I live with now are also coming with us to the house. I’ve been annoyed of them lately, so hopefully things get better when we move. 
My roommates don’t do anything. They don’t clean, they don’t take out the trash, the don’t do the dishes, they don’t pick up after themselves, they do nothing. It’s kind of like living with kids. 
I don’t want to be that mean roommate to tell them what to do! So I’m hoping when we get moved in that things get better!
 My job life… Well I love my new design job! It is so much fun! I’ve never really had a job I love to do! It’s way easier going to work knowing I love my job! And good news!  I have a job interview on Tuesday! So pray that I get the job!! I would be so lucky to get that job! 
I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I can’t wait to show you all how the house when it’s finished!! 
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Changing Ways

Life has
changed so much lately it is crazy!!

First I started
my new designing job, and I ABSOUTLY love it! It is so muc

h helping people
design their kitchen and bathrooms!! FUN FUN FUN!
Then the
house! It’s starting to look like a house! I thought about posting some
pictures, but I think I’ll make you all wait!!

One of the
biggest changes is Justin’s new police job, he’s been working nights, and it’s
not only night shifts its 6pm-6am, so he leaves around 4:30pm, and doesn’t come
home until 8 am the next morning, then he sleeps the whole day, so life is
I’m hoping
when we move I will have more things to do.. if anything I’ll clean to keep me
&& my
new favorite show is Don’t be Tardy!! It is the best show ever, and is so
funny!! I laugh all the time! They have such an adorable family!

So while Justin
is at work.. Guess what I’m doing, watching Don’t Be Tardy!
Such a random
post I know!! But just wanted to say hi to everyone!!

                                       Hope your all
having a wonderful week!!                                      
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Surprise fail!!

So this time I mean it!! 
I’m really hoping this time that I make time for blogging!
But now it’s time to tell you my sad story from last light.. Well it’s not that sad just sad for me!
Yesterday Justin worked 12-8 like he does every Sunday, so I went to the new house worked on it with my parents and then did some shopping! (Yes I think be now I have become a professional house shopper! )
Then I went home and cleaned up! I did 5 loads of laundry, and cooked Justin his favorite meal! Pizza casserole!  I even made extras so he could pack it in his lunches this week! I made garlic bread and even his favorite cookies! I was so excited to surprise him with the great meal since  he has been working so much!
So 8 o’clock rolls around and I put the bread in the oven and wait for Justin to get home! 
He comes in and finds me switching laundry and has this look on his face like he did something wrong… I look at him and ask him what’s wrong and he said he ate at work… My response,  I know you always eat lunch at work and then on Sundays we normally eat dinner together.. He said.. No me and the guys ordered pizza and I had a whole large pizza to myself! I’m so stuffed! 
I looked at him… He told me I should have told him, but then my point was that it wouldn’t have been a surprise! 
Long story short I got myself a plate and enjoyed this huge dinner all by myself! 
I wasn’t mad at Justin there was nothing that he did wrong, just bummed!
Do any of your surprises go wrong?
Hope you all are having an amazing Memorial Day weekend!! 
Lets give out a special thanks to those who keep is safe everyday!! 
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Who knew..

Who knew that this house would take up so much time in my life..

Who knew that Justin would be starting at his new police job and get the shifts 6pm-6am 

Who knew that were “supposed” to move in a week and a half and haven’t even started to pack 

Who knew that my goal was to loose weigh this summer.. But honestly I think I’ve gained some instead! 

Who knew that I would be so busy with this new job and my old job! 

Who knew that I would love this design job so much!!

Who knew that Justin and I could go to Menards and spend 500$ …( because I never that we could spend that much at once)

Who knew that I had the best parents that have put an endless number of hours into making my house my dream house! 

Who knew that my cats would be so excited to move!! 

Who knew that life could be so stressful when everything that’s happening should be fun! 

Who knew that I could go this long without blogging? I didn’t! And I am sad that I did.. For a while I thought I wanted to give up blogging, but I realized from my amazing followers that I shouldn’t! I just need to blog for me! So thanks for everyone that gave me lovely advice! 

Hope you all enjoyed hearing from me again!  

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! 

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What Should I Do?

First, I need to say sorry to all my followers! 
I have been a horrible blogger lately! 
& have not been writing any posts! 

But now is the big problem, I have been wondering if blogging is for me!
Some times I feel like I don’t have time, or people don’t want to read about my life. 

I don’t know what I should do! 
I think I just need this advice! 
So let me know what you think! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
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My Police Officer

Last Thursday my amazing boyfriend got sworn
in at a new city!
I am so proud of him, that he got the police
job he wanted!
Some people don’t realize how hard it is to
get a police job these days, many places get over 500 applications and they
hire 1 police officer! So I am so happy that he got hired where he wanted!! 

Justin saying all those things, like he will
follow all the laws of the US and the city he is working for, and all that fun


I could not be more proud of him! He is such
a wonderful boyfriend and a great provider for me! He is always there, and
knows how to make me happy! You could say I found one in a million!

Right after I realized it was SUMMER, and had
to rush to see Justin get sworn in! But I made!! No worries!
And by the way, My hair does not look like
that anymore since on Friday I was at the hair styles for over 4 hours!!
Hope you all had a good weekend!
Happy Monday!
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