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                                                   Crazy Perfect Life

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The Day Is Almost Here

It is crazy.. We looked at this house over a month ago! 

And this is exactly how the story went.. 

Justin and I decided to start looking at houses.. well that became my full time job! Every second I was looking at houses, contacting my realtor  or asking my parents! 

We went through a couple houses, and they were all big NO’S right away! Then there came a white two story house.. I fell in love with it! (I was never a big fan of two story houses, I blame that on my dad). Well they day I saw the house it went off the market… 

I was so sad! Well a couple weeks later, it came back on the market, and we were one of the first people to go look at it.. and we even put in an offer.. But they didn’t accept it.. 

Heartbroken once again!! 

After that happened.. I slowed down on the house hunting for awhile.. Then one day I saw this cute Ranch.. I called my realtor up, and we went to look at it right away. 
We get there, walk in the door and my realtor told me that there is an offer on the house, but it is not accepted yet (my stomach turns). 

So we pretty much had 5 mintes to go through the house, and decide if we want to put in an offer!! 

Well I LOVED the house!! WAY more than the two story we lost a month ago then!! 

So we put in the offer.. We had to wait almost a week to find out if they accepted the offer or not! Can I say that was the LONGEST week of my life!! 

But, It all worked out in the end and I got my dream starter house!!

And now the time has come, WE CLOSE ON THURSAY and get the keys three days later!! 

I am Nervous and Excited all at once!! 

I know this is a huge step in my life, and I can’t wait to get started! 

If anyone has any moving/packing adivice I would Love to know! 

I told myself I was going to start packing over the weekend, and I packed one box and quit… I need some motovation! (I’m sure once I have those keys in my hand, I’ll be the fastest packer ever!)
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If you have not figured it out yet, family is extremely important to me! 

I am so close to my family and they mean the world to me! 

So I thought it would only be right for my readers to know about my family! 
 this is everyone expect one person 
and it goes left to right 
Justin, me, Kelly, Kristen, Cody, Mommy, and Daddy 
We are missing Hubie (Kellys boyfriend) 

My Daddy, and am 10% daddy’s little girl! I have been since day one! The main thing we do together is hunting it is “our” little thing to do together! With out my dad I would not be getting this house! He is so good updating things and designing! I need to give him a big thanks for getting me a job this summer, so I can start designing kitchens and baths! 

 This is Kelly and Riley.. 
Kelly is the oldest. She is a civil Engineer. 

This is Kristen, She is the middle child and she is a Nurse! 

I have always looked up to my sisters for everything! And I could not have had better role models to look up to!! 

This is my Mmmy, (yes I still call my mom and dad mommy and daddy, that is how it is in my phone too) 
But my mommy is one of the strongest people I know! She is an amazing person, and would do anything for anyone! My parents have been married for over 27 years, and give me a picture of what my life will look like! They have the best marriage and I just hope that one day I can have a marriage like they have!! 

This is Riley ( my nephew) He was supporting the huge win for the Buckeyes with his new shoes!

As you can see.. I have been blessed with an amazing family! They support me and everything I do, and help me in life! 

Also, I made a facebook for the blog!!

Don’t forget about the blog hop on Wednesday!! 
Hope you all come back!! 

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Well Hello Friday!!

Hello Friday!
I first want to thank everyone that joined in on the “Half Way There Blog Hop.” It was my first one ever! I know it wasn’t huge! But I’m hoping it only gets bigger! I think I will try to post one every week! I hope you will all come back and join!! 
It is always fun meeting new bloggers!!

Now on to my life

Your not my favorite right now. I know your only a part time job.. but you really annoy me! Ready to start my designing job in the summer!! 

Thanks for doing laundry for me today!! And putting the clothes away! (I don’t mind doing laundry, and but I HATE putting clothes away) So thanks for doing that and letting me relax when I got home from work! 

We close in ONE WEEK! I am so excited! We are going on Saturday to pick our stuff for the master bathroom!! It is so exciting! But my apartment .. You are too small.. And I have too much stuff for you! I think I am going to start packing soon! (yes, that does not sound fun at all!) 

 And Question for you all! Do you want to see picture of the house before.. then way after when were done? Or should I wait, and put up all the before and after pictures at once? 

Thank you for getting a long better! They will give each other kisses now! That’s a such improvement since we got them! They hated it each other! And, now they don’t!

Don’t forget to come back to the Half Way There Blog Hop On Wednesday! 

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Blog Hop! Come Join!

Now it’s time to relax, and meet some new bloggers!

Welcome to the first Half Way There Blog Hop! Join in! Find some new blogger, check out their post, leave some comments, and make new friends! 
Every week, We will pick a new Co-host to help us out! email me to kara(dot)schwieterman(at)gmail(dot)com for consideration! 

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Crazy Perfect Life

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Family Pictures

While J and I were in Tennessee over spring break, we got family
pictures done!
This one is my most unfavorite one.. 

The pictures with the truck really mean a lot to us. Justin’s dad
passed away a little over two years ago. It was much unexpected. Went to work
one day and didn’t come home. He had a heart attack. This was his truck. Him
and Justin were best friends, more than best friends. So we thought we would honor
him and take pictures with the truck. I think they turned our great! 
 Yes, I realize that this look like engagement picture.. but do not
worry!! THEY ARE NOT engagement pictures.. not just yet at least!
 Hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures!

Come back tomorrow I will hosting a “Half way There Blog Hop” for the very first time! 

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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

This weekend was an overall great weekend!
Friday- I had to work till 5:30. After work I went home and hung out
with my parents! I love nights like that! They are fun! We eat dinner, watch TV
and hang out!
Saturday – I woke up Justin bright and early at 10, Yes that’s early
for him on his days off! I made him go to Landmark Kitchen and Bath Shoppe to
figure out what we want to do in our new house! This took awhile! I can’t imagine how long it is going to take when we pick out stuff for our bathroom! 

This is going to be for the kitchen. That’s the cabinet, counter top 
and the back splash.. During this picture we were still deciding on those two.
But the next picture shows the one we picked! 

After that I got ready for the bowling benefit for my cousin Jordan
(I wrote about him on Friday)
We stopped by my grandparents’ house and did some bowling in their

Then off to bowling with the family!

My wonderful mother and I

Sunday- I worked all day till 6:30 came home worked on homework made
dinner for tonight, and then made dinner for tomorrow that we put in the crock pot so Justin can just turn it on after he gets home from work!
Rest of the Sunday night.. Worked on homework and relaxed! Getting
ready for the bust week ahead of me! 

Overall I had a wonderful weekend! Got to spend time with family and my man! 

How do you like the colors we picked out for the kitchen! 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

-Also, there will be a blog hop posted Wednesday! Make sure to stop by! 

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5 Years Ago

5 Years ago I lost my cousin to a drunk driver.. 
It was a morning I will never forget.. 
I woke up early to go to a volleyball tournament.. I was a Freshman in High School at the time. 
The phone rang, (my mom was out of town and I thought it was her) so my dad answered it but it was not my mom, it was my uncle telling us news that would change our life forever. 
While I continue to pack my bags, my dad stood in the doorway and said words I will never forget.. “Jordan was in an accident this morning and was killed” Time stopped, the entire world stopped. I just stood there and thought that this could not be true! It just wasn’t!
My dad came in a gave me a hug and I just cried in his arms.. That was the only emotion I had. 
After a while my dad woke up both my sister’s. 
We got things packed up and we headed to see the family.. 
While all this is going on my mom was out of town and didn’t hear or know anything. 
We we get to my cousin’s house.. there was a sad feeling, and that’s the only way I can explain it. He left his mother and father and two younger siblings. 
He was a mile from home when a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit the car Jordan was driving.
There were 4 boys in the car, and they all died on impact.

Life can change so fast, one day it is normal and the next day your world is turned up side down..

Months after Jordan’s death, we had to go to court hearings for the man who ran the stop sign.. he was drunk and high.. It was so hard to look at that man who killed my cousin.

Today is a sad day for my family.. we lost someone 5 years ago very special to us. He will always be in our hearts.
He was only 20 years of age when he was taken from this world, and that is too young. Parents should not have to see their children’s funerals, it’s just not right.

We love you and miss your Jordan.
Crazy Perfect Life

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Oh Friday.. I needed you.

 Linking up with Hayley For Let’s Be Friends GFC Blog Hop 

This week was just one of those weeks! 
I have been working six days a week going to school for 13 hours on Tuesday’s, and 8 hours on Thursday. 

I had three test today.. and I’ll put it this way.. They kicked my butt! 

I’m just so ready for summer, I can’t even study! 

I called off work today, No I wasn’t sick.. I just didn’t want to go to work.. Yes that sounds childish.. But I don’t care.. I needed a day off work so bad! 

So my wonderful boyfriend took me to Ikea. 
We got some new things for the house! 
(Oh this new house can not come soon enough! I am so sick of living in this apartment.. it is to tiny and everything is wrong with it. 

I love everything to be neat a clean but with this apartment.. it can’t stay that way because there is no room for everything! and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! ) & roommates.. Well I should not start my rant about them.. It will never end.. I clean for my man so he does not have too and I don’t mind that but I do not like cleaning for my roommates! I can’t wait to have my own master bathroom!! 
(okay I am done with my roommate rant) 

And I had a gift card so I only spent $1.80 I got two end tables for our bedroom, and vases and candles to put in the vases and little turquoise rocks.. Our room will be brown tan and a splash of turquoise. 
I can’t wait! 

I am trying to really work on blogging.. But I feel like I have no time! 
Sorry if this post are boring and you think they are pointless.. 
When summer comes.. They will be better! That’s a promise!
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Versatile Blogger Award

1. thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. include a link to the person who nominated your blog
3. select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or frequently visit and nominate them for the award.
4. include a link to all 15 of the blogs/bloggers that you want to nominate.
5. and lastly, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

 First I wanted to thank Jaime  for the nomination! If you have not you need to check out her blog! She really does have the best post! 

my seven things about me

1. I attend Wright State University 
2. I have no idea what I want to do with my life 
3. I have two cats, I treat them like my kids
4. I have been hunting for 3 years, and I use a compound bow 
5. This is my second month blogging, and I love it! I love finding new blogs, and I love getting new followers and comments! 
6.  I don’t like taking pictures of myself.. you will hardly ever see me take “selfies” 
7. I love family more than anything, and my wonderful police officer boyfriend! 

My nominations are…. 

I know I am supposed to nominate 11, But already nominated the people I read blogs of for a different award, And these are girls that I just started to Follow! 
Go Follow them, and see what they have to say! 
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