Versatile Blogger Award

1. thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. include a link to the person who nominated your blog
3. select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or frequently visit and nominate them for the award.
4. include a link to all 15 of the blogs/bloggers that you want to nominate.
5. and lastly, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

 First I wanted to thank Jaime  for the nomination! If you have not you need to check out her blog! She really does have the best post! 

my seven things about me

1. I attend Wright State University 
2. I have no idea what I want to do with my life 
3. I have two cats, I treat them like my kids
4. I have been hunting for 3 years, and I use a compound bow 
5. This is my second month blogging, and I love it! I love finding new blogs, and I love getting new followers and comments! 
6.  I don’t like taking pictures of myself.. you will hardly ever see me take “selfies” 
7. I love family more than anything, and my wonderful police officer boyfriend! 

My nominations are…. 

I know I am supposed to nominate 11, But already nominated the people I read blogs of for a different award, And these are girls that I just started to Follow! 
Go Follow them, and see what they have to say! 
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Different Hair All The Time

No, I don’t like taking pictures of myself, so there will hardly be pictures of just me, but here are some of my hair styles

Before I went really blond (yes, I have black in there)

Right before I went brown! 

End of my senior year of high school! All natural curls! 
Most recent. Dark brown! 

For now, I think that I like the dark brown. I think it makes me look more grown up! But who knows if I am right! 
Which color do you like the best? 
Let me know!
Hope everyone is having a great Monday! 

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Monday Mingling

Southern Sunflowers and Coffee Beans

Linking up with Kristine for Monday Mingling!

I wish I had time for more posts! But this week will be even more busy! I have so many test, and getting ready to close on the house! It’s so crazy! I don’t know how everyone makes times for things!

Hope you all have a great week! And I hope I get some good post in this week!

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Liebster Award

1. Link back to the person who nominated you
2. Write 11 facts about yourself once nominated
3. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you
4. Come up with 11 questions for the 11 people you nominate

 Thanks to Jamie for the nomination! 

11 Facts about me
1. I’m only 20
2. I hate taking pictures of myself
3. I have been bow hunting for 3 years now
4. I am the youngest of three, Have two older sisters, and love being the baby of the family! 
5. I just bought a house, an sign on the 29th
6. I have a wonderful boyfriend, who risk his life to be a police officer
7. I have no idea what I want to do with my life
8. I love blogging, but sometime it intimidates me 
9. I love dogs and cats both! 
10. I try to be creative… But I’m really not! 
11. I love my family more than anything! 

1. Favorite Mascot?!
Brutus the Buckeye! 

2. Favorite Food and/or go to restuarant?!
Favorite food- Pizza
Favorite Restuarant_-Crackle Barrel! I love their Chicken and Dumplings‘ and macaroni and cheese!

3. If you were in a burning fire and had to take one thing other than people or pets, what would it be?!
It would have to be pictures, Justin’s dad passed away a little over two years ago, and I would be devastated if we lost those pictures of him

4. What’s the longest road (car) trip you’ve ever been on?

5. Why do you enjoy blogging?
It gives me a way to write down memories, and a wonderful way to meet new people! 

6. What’s something on your bucket list?!
To have a big family and just be happy with life! 

7. What’s your biggest fear?!
Losing a family member

8. What’s your favorite past time?!
Hanging out with family, I would hang out with my sisters and parents any time I could! 

9. How do you relax?!
Laying on the couch, watching TV, and in Pintrest! 

10. Favorite accessory? 🙂
My Pandora Bracelets, Where them every single day! 

11. Why did you start blogging and do you feel you have a theme, what is it?!
I started because a lot will be happening, and I thought it would be fun for me.. Right now I don’t really think I have a theme yet! 

My Nominations

1. Candice
4. Sara
7. Tiffany
10. Jamie
11. Charity

My 11 Questions for you all… 
1.  What’s you life motto?
2. What is your favorite time of the year?
3. What do you miss most about being a kid? 
4.  What is your favorite Song?
5. How long have you been blogging?
6. Do you enter Givaways, or have you every won one?
7. What is your favorite TV show? and Movie?
8. What is your favorite song?
9. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
10. Best Vacation 
11. What is your dream job? 
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Twitter Thursday!

 This is my first link up, and I think it’s a great one! 
Follow on twitter! I just made a new twitter! 
I have such a busy day including house inspections! And those are always scary! 
Keep your fingers crossed for me! And I’ll let you know how it goes! 
It is almost Friday!
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The Diamond

So everyone dreams of their wedding ring, and getting a big rock on your hand, right? 

Well lately, I have been giving out hints, wait who am I kidding, I have been sending pictures to Justin about what I want!

I’ve been thinking, and thanks to pintrest I decided what I want! 

I want a 

promise ring
engagement ring
wedding band 

Thanks Pintrest

This would be my promise ring. 
It’s not that we are not ready to get engaged because we are. But we just bought a house, he works about 60 hours a week, and I am still in school. So this would be a good way to start, and not as expensive as an engagement ring! 

And when I got married, I would have a finished ring! 

This is the type of ring I want.. A girl can dream right? 

I love this idea now, but I could always change my mind! 

What do you all think about it? 

Do you dream about the rings you will wear for the rest of your life?

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My Perfect Man

Well, the first thing I want all my readers to know is that I have a wonderful boyfriend!
His Name is Justin
We have been dating since December 2011
He’s a police officer for Perry Township, and is working as I wright this. It is actually snowing, so who knows if he will get off on time. I worry in times like this, when everyone is supposed to be off the roads, he has to be on the road! 
(prayers for all the police officers who risk their life every day to protect us)

He is always there for me, and knows exactly what to say to make me happy. 

His sister and brother-in-law lives in Tennessee, and his mom lives in Cincinnati.  

We have gone many vacations together, Last summer was the best and we went to Daytona Florida.

I first met him at work… they always say you meet the man when you least expect it.. well that is true for me! 

From the first time I met him, I knew I would date him. He was tall, blonde hair, blue eye, and SHY! For the couple weeks that we knew each other, we hardly talked! But I had my eye on him the whole time! 

Once we started to talk, things took off fast, and within a month we were dating!

Ever since then, I knew he was the man for me! I have never doubted that he’s mine forever! 

And the good thing is, we just got a house together! 
Yes, we might be doing things a little backwards, but interest rates are so low, and we found the perfect house, and my parents offered to help us out! So we could not say no! 

The exciting news… we started looking at rings!
All the ring details will have to be for another day.. but let’s just say I want things a little different!

That is just a little about my wonderful man!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

Can’t wait for my man to get home, so we can cuddle while the snow falls!  

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Stop Wishing it away..

So I had to think about this for a while now, and I decided that I have a lot of goals for March. 
But, my main goal is “Stop wishing life away”

We all do it, have something exciting coming up and just can’t wait for that date. Well what about all the stuff were missing between now and that date. We could be missing memories, and great opportunities. 
For me, I close on my house on the 29th of this month, get to move out of this apartment I hate so much and have 7 weeks of school left till summer. So we all know what I am looking forward to. 
But I came to think, what am I missing out on? Everything? I go to school & work just about every single day this month. I just tell myself I am ready for March to be over with. 
But.. I am not ready for it to be over with.. 
After thinking about it, I have a lot of exciting things to do this month. 
Bowling benefit for my cousin who passed away
Get to visit my grandparents
Spend time with family
Get to be with my amazing boyfriend
Get to spend time with friends
I just think to myself I can’t look over the small things just because something big is happening in my life. 
And here is my March goal. Enjoy every day no matter what. Even if i do have to go to school work and study. Enjoy it. People would love to go to school. Enjoy being with family, I learned a long time ago that family is not always there for ever, so enjoy it while you can. And last, just be happy. I am one to freak out over everything and get nervous about everything. 
This March, I just want to enjoy life, the small things, the good things, and the bad things. 
Hope everyone has great march! 
What is everyone’s goals for march?
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week was a MUCH needed week! 
boyfriend and I went to Tennessee to visit his family!
love his family, and get along with them just like they are my family! 
left Sunday after he got off work. He got off at 8:00 PM and we were on the
road by 8:30 PM. (Yes, I packed up everything and got everything into the car).
I had to get both of my children cats ready for the week, food
litter boxes, treats and toys. That took awhile! Then we were off! 
first stop the Waffle House! Of course we stopped in the middle
of Cincinnati. (Yes I mean downtown) Let’s just say.. we were out of
place! But, hey the food was good! After that, we were on our way! It is about
a 6 and half hour drive! 
started out driving, he drove for about three hours, then I took over. I drove
for about 80 miles I don’t know why but I was so tired, so I let Justin drive
the rest of the day, and I slept.


 We slept in and was lazy all day,
Kristy (Justin’s sister) and Shannon (Justin’s Brother-In-Law) had to work.
When they got home we went up on the mountain (yes, literally drove
up a mountain and stayed on the top) we went to Justin’s land and
house up there. After that we went to Mexican with the everyone
including Will. (Justin’s nephew) 

We went shopping, Kristy and I had a blast! Will and Justin survived! 
After we got done shopping.. he was a little tired! 

Before we left to go shopping (me with no make up or anything)

We got to babysit this little thing! It was so much fun! 

His arms are not get strong enough, but next time we see him, he will be crawling! 
Fell asleep, wearing the Ohio State University shirt! 

Unlce J and Will 
He just loves taking pictures! 
Of course we had to take a picture while the baby was sleeping!

On Thursday, we woke up early got a pedicure and got ready for family pictures! we planned on taking them on Justin’s dad’s old truck, but it was so cold! So we only stayed out there for about five minutes! I can not wait to see the pictures! I think they will turn out great! Thursday was our last night there, and we just hung out and made a nice dinner! That night we got out pictures and went through them! It was so fun to see Justin and Kristy when they were younger!

Friday came way to soon! Justin and I woke up early went out to breakfast, packed up and hit the road! Justin drove the entire way home! We made good time! It was about 6 and half hours on the way home too! I was so glad to be home and see my kitties! 

Over all it was an amazing week! Got to spend time with the family, I could not have asked for a better spring break! 

On another note, we got news that the bank signed our contract, and we close on the house on the 29th! 
That made my spring break!
7 weeks till my summer break! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! 

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I promise I am not crazy, but I just love animals! 

I don’t have any “real” children, other than my cats, and I also don’t have any “real” nieces or nephews, other than my sisters lab named Riley! 
He is adorable! He is just a little over a year and a half, and the puppy stage is slowly leaving his body! Thank the Lord! 

Our Family Picture 

(By the way the man in that picture is my boyfriend. He is the best man in the world, and trust me you’ll get to know him very soon!)
Yes, on the weekends Riley likes to crack open a cold one with the grandparents in the backyard and relax.
Riley has a good story, and it goes like this… 
My sister was on a construction site, (she’s a civil engineer) and some of the workers came up and said they had this dog and they could not keep him. They brought him to the site, and just played with everyone. They actually said that if they could not find a home they were going to kill him. So my sister right away said that she would take him! He came home with her that day and saved his life! He is the best dog ever, yes a little crazy, and no he does not listen all the time. But look at him, how could you not love him?  
One day, I would love to have a dog, but with moving, and remodeling and work and school I just don’t have time for a dog, so for now my cats are enough! 
Me and Riley.. he’s just laughing

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

With Love. 

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