Friday Letters

Dear Friday Thank you for being Friday! Dear Springbreak   I have needed you for so long now! And I am so happy you are here! Can’t wait go to down to Tennessee and see family and Will! Dear Boyfriend Thanks for being the best man out there and the best police officer ever! Dear Car Please stop loosing your hub caps.. it is kind of embarrassing! Dear new house/bank can we close like 5 days ago please! Just let me start the remodeling process and move! Dear Laundry Please finish it yourself, and you can pack all of yourself too! Dear Roomates stop being so messy, its gross clean up after yourself please & thank you! Dear Spring  come now please!! I am so tired of the snow and cold! 

I Get to go see my grandparents tonight, and they mean they world to me! They are aging so fast, that sometimes is worries me, but they are happy and still in love with each other. I have great role models to look up to in life! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
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My Children

I have two wonderful children, their names are Abagail and Isabella. 

This is Abagail! She is one year and 3 months! She loves to give kisses, and is the sweetest thing ever! My boyfriend got her for me last year in January! 

This is Isabella! All she wants to do is lay down, and sleep under the covers with you! We just adopted her, this January!
Let’s just say bringing another cat into the house was not as easy as I thought it would be! But I love them so much, and I would not change anything! They have gotten along way better, they will hiss at each other once in a while, but they share the same litter box, and even eat out of the same food bowl! Once we move they will have more of their own space, which I am sure they will LOVE!
My weekend and Spring Break started today! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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The new adventure

So these next couple of months are going to be crazy… Why? Because I just bought a house with my boyfriend! I thought that I could blog so I could keep track of everything we do to the house! In the next couple years I will be graduating with a dual major in Accounting and Finance, getting engaged, and hopefully plannng a wedding! What better way to blog about everythig so I can go back and remember everything!
First, the hosue… Its a ranch with three bedrooms two a half baths. with a master suit. I will have my own bathroom and we have a walk in closet! (of course I wouldn’t buy a house without one!) We have not closed yet, but when we do I will put up picture of before so everyone can see what were all doing!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.. back to pintrest I go to get more ideas!

With love! 

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Well I wanted to start a blog for so many reason! Still don’t know anything about blogs! But I will add it to my things to do list!
Suggestions welcome!

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