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Hello everyone! While I am heading off to Mexico for my Honeymoon, I thought I would leave you with some amazing ideas from hapinesswherever.com

About hapinesswherever.com : 

“Creative lifestyle blog with regular designer and TV series inspired DIYs. Along the way, I blog about what I use (Makeover Monday– beauty products), where I go (Wandering Wednesday: hapinesswithoutapassport), how I save money (Thrifty Thursday– up cycling), what I eat (Foodie Friday) and what I do ( Summary Saturday: week in review!)” 

Designer fashion is deliciously wearable but the price? Not so! Luckily we have these amazing designer inspired DIYs which are easy to make and easy to wear! A quick pop into your local bead shop (or online one!) and within 30 minutes, you can make yourself ALL 3 of these pieces that wouldn’t look amiss on the runway. 

The Stripe is one of my favourite DIY blogs because Grace is just so nice. She also comes up with really nice designer DIYs, such as this J Crew-esque bracelet! For full tutorial and photo credits, do visit: thestripe.com

I love Liberty’s for all its quirky designers, such as Astley Clarke, but at over 300 dollars  a bracelet, they’re sadly not on my affordable list. Thankfully they are super easy to DIY! 5 minutes & you should have made your own. For full tutorial and photo credits, do visit: hapinesswherever.com
Anthropologie is one of the most hack-ed designer brands, so how could we leave it out of this list? Full tutorial and photo credit on: hapinesswherever.com
For more designer inspired DIY hacks, do visit 
Thanks hapinesswherever.com, for such a wonderful post! 
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Tomorrow I Walk Down the Isle

Tomorrow I walk down the isle to the man of my dreams. The day I met Justin, I knew I would marry him. Its true, I know he was meant for me, and I know I am lucky to find the one for me. It hard to believe a year of planning is over. All the long nights of craftying and “DIYing” are over, the picking out songs & wedding planning ends today.

A Letter to Justin, 

What ends today, makes the start of something beautiful. I can not wait, to be your partner for life. I will stand by you when times are easy, and when times are rough. I will always support you and your job. Although being a police officer is not always family friendly, I will always support you. I will be home waiting for you, when you have a hard shift, or when you get off 5 hours late. I will always be here for you. I can’t wait to marry you. I can’t wait to be your “partner in crime.” I love you to the moon & back! 

Love your future wife, 

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5 Things You Won’t See At My Wedding

ONE- I will not be walking down to the traditional wedding song! Actually my bridesmaids & myself are walking down the isle to the same song! I am excited to do something a little different. I spent a lot of time finding just the right song, so I can’t wait to share the music with you!

TWO- No bouquet or garter toss. I have never wanted to do that, so it is as simple as that. We will not make all the single ladies go in the middle of the dance floor and jump for flowers.

THREE- No grand entrance for the wedding party & the bride and groom. No thank you, I have seen it all, the funny dance moves, the spotlight attention. That is just not for me. We will be there greeting the guest as they come in & as soon as everyone is there, we will do our first dance!

FOUR- The same number of bridesmaids & groomsmen. You won’t see that at my wedding! Justin wanted four guys, and I just wanted family. So I have three girls, my two sisters, and Justin’s sisters. Since day way, I told Justin it does not matter if we have the same amount of people. We picked who we wanted to be in our wedding, because they are special to us, not because we needed a number.

Click here to see how we asked our wedding party. 
FIVE- A flower girl. Nope no flower girl at this wedding. We didn’t have anyone around the age of a flower girl, so we just decided that we would have a ring bearer. I know our little guy will steal the show, and make up for us not being able to have a flower girl.

Click here to see how we got our ring bearer.

I also want to add, these things won’t be in our wedding, because they don’t fit for us. But if you did have them in your wedding, or you will have them in your wedding, then it is perfect for you! That is one thing I learned about wedding planning, do what you want and what makes you happy! 
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A Look Back In Time

One year ago today. One year ago today Justin got down on one knee, and ask me to marry him. It is crazy how fast time went by.

In just a couple days I will be walking down the isle to the man of my dreams. It is so hard to believe that all the planning has come to an end. Let’s look back on some memories to see how we got here.

One of the first big memories would be When we got our house, I love our house and the home that it has become! I love being able to come home to a cozy and perfect house! Then we have
Justin Becoming a Police Officer, This was a big change for us, Justin working as a police officer full time. It was a weird adjustment, but I would not change being in the police family for anything. Then we got our first puppy Penny! That was a just surprise to Justin, but I just couldn’t leave her at the pound a second longer!! Justin’s Changes jobs, he loves his Sheriff job! Then the biggest thing happened, WE GOT ENGAGED! That moment was perfect, it was such a surprise! Then we we got our second baby. Fenix is for sure a daddy’s boy, he is attached to Justin at the hip! Then we had our engagement party! That was the start of the wedding party!  It was such a wonderful time!  It is so hard to believe all the wonderful times we have had. I am so ready to start the next chapter with Justin! Here is to many more memories!!

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Pumpkin Decals

5 Days. I would say the official freak out mode as started! But, while I’m not freaking out, I thought that I would share a little sneak peak of some of our decorations! These pumpkin decals are THE BEST. And of course come from the amazing Jennifer over at For Namesakes. If you recall, that is where I got the our first police family decor. I love this shop, everything that Jennifer has in her shop, is wonderful!

Pumpkin decal

These pumpkins will be the perfect addition to our wedding decor! 
Pumpkin decal
The best part about this post, For Namesakes, has buy one decal get one free! They are only 5 dollars! That is such a wonderful deal! 
First, buy a fake pumpkin, then the buy one get on free decal & use for years to come! Can’t wait to see all your decals!! 

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October Photo Challenge

I am so excited to be back to blogging! I have so much to share! Do you know 10 days from today I will be Mr. Knight?! YAY!

Do you know about The Blogger Life? If you don’t you should! It is a wonderful community of bloggers!
But, I am excited to share with you the October Photo Challenge!

October Photo Challenge with The Blogger Life & The Knight's Place

I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures!

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Dog Birthday Cake

Not too long ago we celebrated Fienx’s Birthday. Of course, I had to bake him a cake. But it was kind of hard to find a”safe” recipe. Normally, Fenix is not allowed any people food, but I make an executive decision that he was allowed to have cake!

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5 Days A Week He Walks Out That Door

Five Days A Week.

Five days every single week, the love of my life walks out that door. I tell him I love him & be safe, and pray that nothing happens to him. I pray for all the officers out there risking their lives to protect us.

Five days a week, I wonder what he is doing on patrol. I wonder if he is safe and okay. Five days a week he walks out that door, knowing he could never come back. Five days a week I hold my breath and say a little prayer.

Five days a week, he comes in that door. Takes off his uniform, vest and gun & gives me a kiss. Five days a week I wait for that door to open. The times it opens a minute late, I worry and all these thoughts go in my head. Five days a week I tell the love of my life that I love him, and watch him walk out that door.

I wanted to have him a reminder to be safe at work, even when I am not there to tell him when he goes to work. I want him to know that I am always thinking of him when he puts on his duty gear and walks out into a world where more people are starting to hate police officers. I want him to know that he always needs to be safe.

When I decided to re-do our door, I thought it would be perfect to put this amazing decal on it. Thanks to Imprinted Decals,  I was able to find the perfect decal. It was shipped super fast! I was really nervous about putting in on my door, but it was on so easy!

Jennifer from Imprinted Decals, has some amazing things in her shop! You must go check her out, I’m sure you can find a decal you’ll fall in love with!

I received products in exchange for my honest oponion 
Go check out her Facebook & Etsy Shop 

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Happy Wednesday!

I am having one of those weeks where I can’t tell if the week is flying by.. or dragging by. But, I am so exited for this weekend! We have so many wonderful things coming up!

Friday- Justin works FIRST shift! This means that I actually get to see him on Friday Night! I think I see a Date night in our future! YAY

SATURDAY-  Our friends are getting married & Justin took the day off! That means that I actually get to see Justin two days in a row!

Our Couple’s Shower- My mom and sisters are throwing us a couples shower! I am so excited to see my family and friends!

My Wedding Shower- Justin’s sister and mom are throwing me the “normal” bridal shower! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

Even though the weeks seem like they go slow, and the work days drag by. Life is moving so fast! Everything is changing! I think I need to take a step back, and remember all the wonderful things in my life!

How has your week been? What are you looking forward to?

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A Special Place In Our House

Everyone has that one place in the house where you keep special things at. Our SPECIAL place is in a little table at the end of our kitchen.

The Dachshund Picture– This is from my Grandparents house. The picture was hanging on their wall since I can remember. When they moved out of the house that my father grew up in I was able to take this picture. I love this picture and it reminds me of all the good times that I had with my grandparents. It just so happens that our puppy Penny looks exactly like that!

The Police Engagement Picture- Marrying a Police Officer is us. Marrying Justin means I am marrying a police officer. Being in the police family is very important to me!

The Knight Pillow- This pillow is the start of something new. Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  made this pillow and it is amazing. It was exactly what I wanted! ((My soon to be last name is so much shorter, so its nice being able to display it!)) Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  was amazing to work with. Her customer service is wonderful & her other products are awesome!

The Picture Frame-  Justin’s dad passed away a couple years ago. I love having pictures of him around our house. I makes us know that he is always here with us. Justin got this frame at his funeral, and I love having it in our house. I know that he is with us every day, this is just a little reminder.

Do you have a special place in your house?

I love our special place.

Check out the Etsy Store Mentioned In The Post

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