A Special Place In Our House

Everyone has that one place in the house where you keep special things at. Our SPECIAL place is in a little table at the end of our kitchen.

The Dachshund Picture– This is from my Grandparents house. The picture was hanging on their wall since I can remember. When they moved out of the house that my father grew up in I was able to take this picture. I love this picture and it reminds me of all the good times that I had with my grandparents. It just so happens that our puppy Penny looks exactly like that!

The Police Engagement Picture- Marrying a Police Officer is us. Marrying Justin means I am marrying a police officer. Being in the police family is very important to me!

The Knight Pillow- This pillow is the start of something new. Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  made this pillow and it is amazing. It was exactly what I wanted! ((My soon to be last name is so much shorter, so its nice being able to display it!)) Brenda from Green Acre Gifts  was amazing to work with. Her customer service is wonderful & her other products are awesome!

The Picture Frame-  Justin’s dad passed away a couple years ago. I love having pictures of him around our house. I makes us know that he is always here with us. Justin got this frame at his funeral, and I love having it in our house. I know that he is with us every day, this is just a little reminder.

Do you have a special place in your house?

I love our special place.

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Dog Park Avenue

If you have a dog or a cat you need to go check out Dog Park Avenue
They have the CUTEST things out there! And the best part… she has wonderful prices! 
Penny & Fenix were so spoiled when they received her package in the mail! 
Monica got Penny’s style on point! She looked perfect in that collar!  
The best thing about the bows and flowers is that they velcro on and off the collar, so it is an easy switch!  
Notice that little princess charm? Penny must have told Monica to put that on there! (Yes she a princess in our eyes) 
 Look at that perfect baby!

One of the best things about this shop is the collars being Light Weight! Penny weighs less than 10 pounds, and the collar isn’t heavy on her at all! It’s actually lighter than the one we bought at the pet store when we first got her! And the little accessories are super light weight too!They are made for each collar, so you know that it won’t be overboard when its on your dog/cat!

So if you think your little fur baby will be so small for the collar.. THINK AGAIN! 
The color is perfect on Penny! The vibrant colors change the whole look of the collar! 

Penny’s collar & charms fit her personality PERFECT! 
Now it is Mr. Fennie’s time to show off! 
I think the bow tie looks perfect on him!! 
Another wonderful thing about the bow tie, is the thick material that its made out of! I don’t think even a 7 month old 70 pound puppy could damage it!
So attentive with his bow tie on.. It is like he can conquer the world! 
&& that would have to be his “No Pictures Please” Face! 
Also, go like her on Facebook!! 
Tell her your stopping by from The Knight’s Place! 
What is your favorite collar from her Etsy Store? 
Do me a favor, go show some love on her Esty Shop (Dog Park Avenue) && go like her on  Facebook!
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