5 Days A Week He Walks Out That Door

Five Days A Week.

Five days every single week, the love of my life walks out that door. I tell him I love him & be safe, and pray that nothing happens to him. I pray for all the officers out there risking their lives to protect us.

Five days a week, I wonder what he is doing on patrol. I wonder if he is safe and okay. Five days a week he walks out that door, knowing he could never come back. Five days a week I hold my breath and say a little prayer.

Five days a week, he comes in that door. Takes off his uniform, vest and gun & gives me a kiss. Five days a week I wait for that door to open. The times it opens a minute late, I worry and all these thoughts go in my head. Five days a week I tell the love of my life that I love him, and watch him walk out that door.

I wanted to have him a reminder to be safe at work, even when I am not there to tell him when he goes to work. I want him to know that I am always thinking of him when he puts on his duty gear and walks out into a world where more people are starting to hate police officers. I want him to know that he always needs to be safe.

When I decided to re-do our door, I thought it would be perfect to put this amazing decal on it. Thanks to Imprinted Decals,  I was able to find the perfect decal. It was shipped super fast! I was really nervous about putting in on my door, but it was on so easy!

Jennifer from Imprinted Decals, has some amazing things in her shop! You must go check her out, I’m sure you can find a decal you’ll fall in love with!

I received products in exchange for my honest oponion 
Go check out her Facebook & Etsy Shop 

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More Change?

If you know me at all.. You know that I am not a fan of change.. 
Read this & it will help you understand how much I hate change! 
So, for almost 9 months now, Justin has had Friday’s off. He actually has Thursday’s off but he works at his other job on that day. 
Friday has been “our day” I come home from work we go out to dinner, hang out all night & stay up late. I love Friday’s not only because it means the weekend, but it means I get to see my fiance for more than 10 minutes! 
(I am sure you all know where this story is going…) 
Justin schedule has changed.. he day off now is Wednesday.. right in the middle of the week… 
Not cool.. Not cool 
Don’t get me wrong I am super happy I get to spend Wednesday nights with him, but Wednesday nights are not as relaxed as Friday nights.. Wednesday night’s don’t last as long as Friday nights..
  Wednesday nights are not Friday nights! 

So for now. I will love Wednesdays. Wednesdays will be my favorite day of the week! 
What do you do when change comes your way? How do you handle change? 
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What Am I Obsessed With?

If you know me, you know that I love water bottles & coffee mugs! 
I don’t really know why, but I do! 
And look at these amazing water bottles from Susan at PYdesigned
Look how cute & personalized! 
Justin Loves his, since he always carries a water bottle to work! 
Susan at PYdesigned was wonderful to work with! She made this whole process very easy! She can accommodate to anything you want!
You all know how proud I am to be “a soon to be Police Wife” and this water bottle shows it!

Susan at PYdesigned is so creative.. Look at some of the other things she makes! I love her cute sayings!
Look at these Ornaments! 
Make sure you go check out Susan at PYdesigned 
-Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!! 
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Engagment Pictures Part I






Here are our engagement pictures with Justin in Uniform!!
Love them all!!
I Stand beind the man that stands on the Thin Blue Line



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Thank a Police Officer, it’s as simple as that. I cringe, when I hear people say that hate police officers! Of course, no one wants a speeding ticket (Including me), but if a cop pulls you over because you were speeding, can you really be mad at him? No, you were the one in the wrong. Cops are not out there to be bad guys, they are there to help! Every single call they go on, they risk their lives. They don’t know what kind of situation they are going to be in.

 Pray for all the families who have lost a love one, because they have made the ultimate sacrifice. I hope & pray every day that Justin comes home safe, and I never get a phone call, or a knock at the door saying he won’t be coming home. 

I sure do love my deputy!!
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