Perfect Invitations At A Low Cost

If you are new around here, or just forgot I got married on October 10th! It was the best day of my life. Don’t forget to check out the sneak peak of our wedding!

During the entire wedding process, I was very price conscious about everything. We went with, the idea of not setting a budget.. Crazy Right? Well No- it was perfect for us! Our wedding invitations could not have been more perfect! I was so lucky that I found Jessie, at Howl Creative Co. She made the entire process so easy on me! I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on our wedding invitations, because they just get thrown away at the end of the day, but I knew I wanted them to go with the them of our wedding. They did exactly that! 
I received this product in return for my opinion. Once again all thoughts are my own. 
The process was so easy! I picked out the them that I wanted. Jessie, at Howl Creative Co. had so many different designs and they are all amazing, so it was a little tough to decide what I wanted! 
Once I picked out my design I was able to make some changes to make it personalized to me and my wedding! It only took one change, in wording & I knew that these were my invites! Once  Jessie, at Howl Creative Co. sent me the PDF, I ordered the prints from Vistaprint and before I knew it my invites were out! 

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Shop South Boutique

I am so excited to share with you all one of my favorite decal stores! Check out South Boutique. They have monograms for all your needs!

Monogram with jacket wedding ring
This is a sponsored post, but once again all opinions are my own. 

I used Shop South Boutique for the monograms. I actually got the ones that you iron on. I was a little nervous about doing that myself. But, it was super easy! Actually, just like ironing your clothes! First, get yourself a jacket, then go to Shop South Boutique and get any decal! Heck, while your there get a couple extra! You can never have enough monograms! But, wait the best part.. South Boutique has more than just decals! South Boutique has the cutest clothes, scarves & jewelry! 
Check her out on facebook, to see everything she has! She also has the cutest Christmas bags for kids, so don’t forget to check her out! 
My sisters and I wearing our monogrammed jackets from South Boutique
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All About Those Cats

So you all know that have I two amazing puppies (Fenix & Penny). 
But we also have two amazing cats Isabella & Abagail! 
They get spoiled as much as the dogs too, and shed just as much as Fenix! 
I was so excited when sent us this amazing brush! 
Our cats absolutely love it & it works amazing!! 
Penny even loves this brush! 
It is perfect for cat fur & short haired dogs! 
I am amazing how much fur they brush can get off my cats!  We LOVE the FURminator brand, so when we received this, I was excited to be able to try it on our shorter haired animals! 
If your animals shed – these brushes are a MUST HAVE! 
You just gotta love these two cats! 
Go check out for any of your animals needs! 
** This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own**

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Where Do You Put Your Ring?

So, I HARDLY ever take off my engagement ring. 
If I am painting, doing yard work, or some crazy project I’ll take off my ring. 
But I feel lost without my ring! & I always freak that I will loose my ring! But now thanks to Pearls & Pennies I know my ring will be safe when it is not on my hand! 
This is THE perfect ring dish! 
I love having that “go-to” place to put my ring! I never have to worry about it now! 
Ring dishes are wonderful and all, but now for something a little fun!! 
With this wedding coming up, I should stop drinking and start working out!! Maybe this amazing wine tumbler from Pearls & Pennies will give me that urge to work out.. or maybe it will give me the urge to drink more! 

Pearls & Pennies has the cutest things! You need to go check them out! 
** I received product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own**
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Can I Call Myself A Beauty Blogger?

Now, I promise I am not calling myself a beauty Blogger & I probably never will. 
But it is kind of exiting to try something different! 
So here we go: 
Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask = Deep Cleansing + Radiant Glow

Let’s be honest.. I don’t have much of a face routine.. actually I don’t have a routine at all! So when I got the change to review a face product, I was kind of excited! 

This facial mask it wonderful! I decided that since I started my big girl job that I would take some time out of the day and take some “me” time! Well this mask was exactly what I needed! 

This is a Sponsored Post, but don’t forget all opinions are my own
I must say, that it didn’t smell the greatest.. but that wasn’t a huge deal to me. 
I have really sensitive skin, so it tingled a little when I first started to apply it to my face.  
I also, felt like it was a little thin, so I applied a lot. But the good thing is that there is a lot in the bottle, so I have many more applications left! 
I really did go on smooth! It had a wonderful texture (not sandy or gritty), it dried within 10 minutes. 
Taking off was wonderful, my skin was so soft! I will want to use the product all the time!! 
My skin feels super soft now & can’t wait to use it again! 
I think its a win! 
Go find them on Amazon!

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Now I have My Girls Part II

If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out my post for 
I am so exited to show you the rest of their gifts! 
First look at this amazing bracelet I got personalized for the girls! 
Brittany was AMAZING to work with! She made it super simple to personalize everything right down to the color of the ribbon! 
She was able to match our Navy color perfectly! 
Bridesmaid Bracelet

Bridesmaid Bracelet
Look at the attention to detail Brittany shows with these bracelets! 
If you want to personalize any type of gift I encourage you to check our Brittany‘s shop! 
Bridesmaid Bracelet
Now you have to have a card for every gift you give right? 
Well I really think so! Check out Glenda At Wedding Affections
Once again, it was so easy to personalize these cards for each of the girls! 
Bridesmaid Card
Glenda At Wedding Affections was super easy to work with & got her cards out to me super fast! 
Bridesmaid Card
All three of the Etsy shops went above & beyond to personalize each and every gift! 
Their customer service was amazing! & I really hope you all check out their stuff! 
Even if your not getting married, they have tons of amazing items in their shop! 
I was so excited to see how the final gift looked after I put it all together!! 
I gave them to my sister already, But I still have to mail Kristy’s (Justin’s sister) her gift to Tennessee!! 
I know she will love it just as much as my sisters did! 
My lovely sisters holding all their gifts!! 
Go check out these amazing shops! 
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Dog Park Avenue

If you have a dog or a cat you need to go check out Dog Park Avenue
They have the CUTEST things out there! And the best part… she has wonderful prices! 
Penny & Fenix were so spoiled when they received her package in the mail!
Monica got Penny’s style on point! She looked perfect in that collar!  
The best thing about the bows and flowers is that they velcro on and off the collar, so it is an easy switch!  
Notice that little princess charm? Penny must have told Monica to put that on there! (Yes she a princess in our eyes)
 Look at that perfect baby!

One of the best things about this shop is the collars being Light Weight! Penny weighs less than 10 pounds, and the collar isn’t heavy on her at all! It’s actually lighter than the one we bought at the pet store when we first got her! And the little accessories are super light weight too!They are made for each collar, so you know that it won’t be overboard when its on your dog/cat!

So if you think your little fur baby will be so small for the collar.. THINK AGAIN! 
The color is perfect on Penny! The vibrant colors change the whole look of the collar!
Penny’s collar & charms fit her personality PERFECT! 
Now it is Mr. Fennie’s time to show off! 
I think the bow tie looks perfect on him!! 
Another wonderful thing about the bow tie, is the thick material that its made out of! I don’t think even a 7 month old 70 pound puppy could damage it!
So attentive with his bow tie on.. It is like he can conquer the world! 
&& that would have to be his “No Pictures Please” Face! 
Also, go like her on Facebook!! 
Tell her your stopping by from The Knight’s Place! 
What is your favorite collar from her Etsy Store? 
Do me a favor, go show some love on her Esty Shop (Dog Park Avenue) && go like her on  Facebook!
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