Deals With The Knights

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1. $6 Women Shorts

2. 10 pack Hair Clips

3. Shark Cordless Vacuum ($159)

4. Halloween Squishy Toys (40% off)

5. Halloween Decorations (44% off)

1. $6 Women Shorts

2. 80% off Knife Set

3. 10 pack Hair Clips

4. $29 Side Table

5. Chapstick (Dare we say a great stocking stuffer)

6. 2 QT Crockpot (40% off) –

1. $6 Women Shorts

2. 80% off Knife Set

3. 10 pack Hair Clips

4. Witch Running Into Pole (57% off)

5. Witch Please shirt (50% off)

Top Sellers from Yesterday:
1. Cross Body Purse (50% off)
2. Fruit Snacks (20% off)
3. Elastic Hair Ties (75% off)
4. White Out (40% off)
5. AA Batteries (40% off )
6. Side Table ($29.00)

1. Reach Toothbrushes with cases

2. Side Table(ONLY $29)

3. Fall & Halloween Garden Flags & Holders (60% off)

4. Mama Shirt 72% off

5. 18 Month Planner 2022-2023 (50% off)

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Diaper Stock Up

Stock Up on Diapers!

Tuesday 22nd

Monday 21st

40% off with link

Sunday 20th

Top 21 Purchsed Items of 2021

Let’s take a look back and see the top purchased items of 2021!

1. Essense Mascara 2. Hello Sign 3. Bounce Pet Hair Dryer Sheets 4. 2 Pack Gold Fish 5. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer 6. Sticky Notes 7. Mini Gorilla Tape 8. Combos 9. Kid Flossers 10. Baked Chips 11. Rolling Drying Mat 12. Crock Pot Liners 13. Sky High Mascara 14. Mineral Fusion Nail Polish Remover 15. Construction Paper 16. Journal Pens 17. Silicone Sponges 18. Chapstick 19. Dryer Vent Cleaner 20. Eyeshadow Pallet 21. Ring Cleaner Stik

December 16th Deals are Below:

Best Sellers yesterday:
Dog Bones (56% off)
7.5 LB of Hershey’s Chocolate
Minnie & Mickey 45% off
TODAY”S Round Up:
Polar Express 41% off
Steamer 30% off
TeeTurtle Reversible Plushies 30% off

December 15th Deals are Below:

Top Sellers for the week
Car washing kit
Nixplay Bluetooth Frame
Yesterday’s Top Seller:
Goody Hair Ties
Travel Toothbrush

Today’s Great Finds:
Disney Toys from the Vault
Hoover Boards & Scooters Marked down
Airpods 43% off
Baby Toy

December 13th Deals are Below:

#1 Seller yesterdayWeights:
Today’s Round-Up Cooking Sheets 44% off:
67% off Fisher Price Toy:
Up to 40% off Sharpie, EXPO, Paper Mate:
Nixplay Picture Frames 34% off:
Up to 45% off Osmo Educational Kits:

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November 30th Deals are Below:

Yankee Candles 55% offTape Dispenser
30% off Socks Printer $39.99 – $79.99 Pot & Pan Set L.O.L. Pack $60 – Activity Center $19.99
Women’s SLeep Set $14.23$5 Pillow

November 29th Deals are Below:

Top Sellers Yesterday
Tape & Dispenser
TroubleBatteries 42% off

Today’s Sales
Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush:
Up to 40% off Arts & Crafts30% off Kid & Baby ClothesGoli 41% off:Hasbro Games up to 40% off:Up to 35% off Skip Hop

November 28th Deals are Below:

Best Sellers from Yesterday:
Nail Polish Remover
Dewalt Drill bits
Eye Pallet
New Deals Today: Games
Contigo Cups
Glass Set
Bue & Gold Platter Set
24 Piece Glass Set

November 10th Deals are Below:

#1 best seller Yesterday:
#2 Best Seller: 40% off Spray mop
Dinosaur Toys: 60% off 
Earings: 50% off C0DE: 507QMQSF
50% off Chromebook
My FAVORITE Sheets 25% off
Fitbit Versa $119.99
Doll House
Monopoly Only $10

November 10th Deals are Below:

October 29th Deals are Below:

October 26th Deals are Below:

October 25th Deals are Below:

October 21st Deals are Below:

Under $100

55% off with C0DE: WCXDJDHP & clickable coupon

October 6th Deals are Below:

September 27th Deals Are Below:

September 15th Deals Are Below:

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