Ring, Rings & Rings…

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So, we are moved into our house.. and I promise I am working on post so
you all can see it! I think I am going to post a different room each day, so I
can talk about each room now!
But … for now I want to talk about rings!
Yes, I want a ring! I know it won’t be for a little while, and I am
okay with it! We need to save money, and get things together!
But when it comes to looking at rings, Justin and I are on two
different pages!
I want to go look at rings together! I think we could make a fun day
together looking at engagement rings! Doesn’t every girl have dreams about
looking at rings with the man of their dreams? Well I know I do.
But, Justin on the other hand, wants to do it all by himself! First I hate
surprises! I want to know what kind of ring I am getting, when it is happening,
and how! But I know that’s not want Justin wants!
I just want to look at rings.. That’s it! I thought it was a simple
request! But not to Justin!
But I really can’t want to get a ring! It will start a whole new
chapter, and a lot of planning!
But I want to know everyone, what do you think? Would you want to help
pick out your ring.. or did you? Or would you want nothing to do with it? Let me
know what you think… and maybe it will help me out!