More Change?

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If you know me at all.. You know that I am not a fan of change.. 
Read this & it will help you understand how much I hate change! 
So, for almost 9 months now, Justin has had Friday’s off. He actually has Thursday’s off but he works at his other job on that day. 
Friday has been “our day” I come home from work we go out to dinner, hang out all night & stay up late. I love Friday’s not only because it means the weekend, but it means I get to see my fiance for more than 10 minutes! 
(I am sure you all know where this story is going…) 
Justin schedule has changed.. he day off now is Wednesday.. right in the middle of the week… 
Not cool.. Not cool 
Don’t get me wrong I am super happy I get to spend Wednesday nights with him, but Wednesday nights are not as relaxed as Friday nights.. Wednesday night’s don’t last as long as Friday nights..
  Wednesday nights are not Friday nights! 

So for now. I will love Wednesdays. Wednesdays will be my favorite day of the week! 
What do you do when change comes your way? How do you handle change?